About us & the process

We always want to create an amazing enviroment online or offline, like you’re in our office drinking your favorite fresh, coffee or anything else and also discuss about your idea, projects to found together the best way to make your brand standout.

Highest Media is a full-service digital agency built for the now. The company started in november 2017, as an ambitious project of a young student that was initialy working as freelancer. Cătălin Tache created Highest Media in order to offer quality in our areas of expertise, to those who want to Brand their bussines.

He is awarded as a Semi-finalist at Adobe Awards 2016, had colaborations with: Unicef, ESL Brand Of Turtle Entertainment GmbH, WarGaming.Net, Jovoto, Upwork, Gorbatschow Vodka, Lenovo, Absolut Vodka, AMC, Herbal Godness US Corporation and many medium and small business across Romania, Europe & United States.

Highest Media entity working as “freelance” mode, which means, the brand does not issue invoices, but instead the agency declares the proceeds to the National Anti-Fraud Agency, but in the future when we have enough budget we will build our own office and we will happy invite you to develop the largest projects togheter with high accurate. We decided to do that after a big failure when me and my associate made a perfect business plan for an advertising agency, for Highest Media, but the evaluation wasn’t in the good parameters because of the coruption from the directly responsible institutions.

After that I decided that nothing can stop us to provide quallity servicies in the digital environment and not only and now we’re here and still working for the main dream: “Making business stand out, offering quallity in our areas of expertise.

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